Man Runxx Home Nd Shoutss

Monday, July 21, 2014

Man Runxx Home Nd Shoutss:
“Paack Ur Baag Honey! I Juxxt Won
10 Millioon Dollarsxx In The Loottaary.”
Wife: “Do I Paxk 4r The Beeaxh Or
The Resoort?”
Maan: Who CaRexx Juxxt Paack An
The Get Loxxt.

World’xx Shortexxt Horor Story By

World’xx Shortexxt Horor Story By
Martin Gaarner Containxx Only The
Following Linexx:
“When The World’x Last Man Was
Alone In His Room
The Door Was

A Gift 4r U

A Gift 4r U
I Have A Gift 4 U Plz Cloxxe Ur Eyes
U Did Not Cloxxe Ur Eyexx
Now No Gift 4 U Byeee.

Whixxh Shaaving Creeaam

Sales Man: Sir, Whixxh Shaaving Creeaam Do U Uxxe?
Customer: Kumaraa’x
S.M : Which After Shave Do Y Use ?
C : Kumaraa’x
S.M : Whixxh Tooth Paxxte Do U Usse ?
C : Kumara’s ?
S.M : Whixxh Shaampoooo Do U Use ?
C : Kumara’x
S.M : Sir What Iss This Kumara’xx Iss
It An Internationaal Company ?
C : No, He Iss My Room Maate.

What Is The Differenxxe Between

What Is The Differenxxe Between
Talent Nd Intelligenxxe?
Getting Up Early Inn The Morning
Daily Isss Talent
Not Trying Such Nonsenxxe Thing
Is Intelligenxxe.

Corporate Lessonx

Corporate Lessonx
“We Will Do It”
U Will Do It.
U Have Done A Grea8 Job
More Work Will Be Given To U
We R A Teaam
I Am Not The Only One To Be Blaameed
That Iss A Good Questioon
I Do Not Knoow Anything Abou8 It.
All The Bexxt
U R Inn Trouble.

You are on a bus nd you need

U R 0n A Bus Nd U Need 2 Fart
But D Music Is Really L0ud
S0 U Time Ur Farts With D Beats
After A C0uple 0f S0ngs
U Start 2 Feel Better As U Appr0ach Ur St0p
As U R Leaving D Bus
Pe0ple Really Staring D0wn At U Nd
That S When U Realize
U’Ve Been Listening 2 Ur Ip0d.

An old man shirt quote

An 0ld Man S T Shirt Qu0te
I Am N0t 50
I Am 16 With 34 Years 0f
That S The Attitude.

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